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Dr. Kaput places an emphasis on dedicating time to exercise whether it be yoga or running and whether patients are 10 or 90!  Exercising has several health benefits and allows our bodies to stay moving and healthy.

Here are some of the many health benefits from exercising:

  • Cardiovascular health
    • Reduction in LDL (“bad” cholesterol)
    • Increase in HDL (“good” cholesterol)
    • Increased heart strength and health
    • Increases maximum oxygen uptake
  • Emotional health and quality of life
    • Anxiety reduction
    • Stress lowering
    • Increased sense of well being
    • Increase in self confidence
  • Disease prevention
    • Reduced disease and sickness
    • Reduction of fall injuries in seniors
    • Diabetes prevention in the aging
  • Weight management
    • Reduction of body fat
    • Prevention of obesity
  • Size and strength gains
    • Increased physical performance
    • Increased strength
    • Increased speed
    • Increased muscle tone
  • Functioning and quality of life in the elderly
    • Increased mobility and independence in seniors
    • Life extension
  • Pregnancy
    • Increased on-time deliveries
    • Increased protection from miscarriages

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaput so he can create a treatment plan that incorporates different exercise programs to help you start feeling your very best.

Note: Please check with us or other health care providers prior to initiating any fitness or exercise routine, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition that you’re aware of.

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