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Mid Back Pain in Macomb Has Chiropractic Relief

Mid Back Pain in Macomb, MI: Back pain is the most common condition that is seen at Genesis Chiropractic. Macomb Chiropractor, Dr. Eddie Kaput helps keep his patients pain-free with chiropractic care. Dr. Kaput uses safe and noninvasive treatments to help many patients manage their mid back pain and equips them with the necessary tools to help their care extend beyond a spinal adjustment.


Mid back pain problems tend to stem from irritation or injury to the ligaments and muscles of the thoracic portion of the spine.  Common causes of mid back pain are poor posture, lack of sleep and exercise and muscle conditioning.  Sitting for long periods of time also are a main contributor to the pain.

Dr. Kaput thoroughly examines patients to identify the exact cause of mid back pain and to ensure the best treatment is used.  The majority of mid back pain stems from soft tissue problems, and these problems are best handled with hands on chiropractic treatments.

Common events leading or contributing to the development of mid back pain include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Ergonomic practices at home and in the workplace
  • Excessive repetitive torsal movements
  • Exposure to vibratory forces
  • Foot abnormalities
  • Incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries
  • Lack periodic spinal checkups
  • Physical inactivity
  • Poor diet and nutrition
  • Poor posture
  • Presence of lumbar spine subluxations
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Scoliosis
  • Smoking

Structures which are often the source of lower back pain include:

  • Costovertebral joints (joints between the thoracic vertebrae and ribs)
  • Thoracic facet joints and capsules
  • Thoracic intervertebral discs
  • Thoracic paraspinal muscles and ligaments
  • Thoracic spinal nerves


The first step in fixing any problem is to identity the cause or causes.  Once Dr. Kaput consults and identifies your causes, he can design an individualized treatment plan to eliminate the pain and help the patient achieve and maintain their goals.

Many individuals suffering from mid back pain have a combination of the following:

  • A history of physical activities causing spinal stress
  • Damaged spinal biomechanics
  • Improper firing patterns of spinal musculature
  • Poor diet and nutrition
  • Poor postural habits
  • Vertebral subluxations
  • Weak spinal musculature


Chiropractic medicine has been proven to be effective in treating mid back pain.  It is completely safe and natural and offers patients a homeopathic option to feeling better.  The best part about chiropractic treatment is that it addresses the underlying cause of mid back pain as opposed to just treating the symptoms.

Dr. Kaput’s main treatment plan is spinal adjustment.  This therapy is noninvasive and consists of gentle applied force into the affected regions of the spinal column.  Spinal adjustments allow pain to be eliminated, range of the motion in the spine to increase, reduce tissue inflammation, reduce the recurrence of old injuries, and decrease muscle tension and spasms.


In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Kaput suggests a wide variety of other alternative medicine practices that are both safe and natural and help you to feel your very best.

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Hot and cold compresses
  • Low back stabilization exercises
  • Massage, trigger point therapy, and acupressure therapy

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